Monday, 14 May 2012

Why photobook is good for capturing memories

Photo Book or Photo Album?

Still keeping your photos in a photo album? Ever thought of making a photo book? If you belong to the group of people who cherish memorable moments and tend enjoy reliving them in pictures, you might probably be using either a photo book or the conventional photo album. Many are still unaware of the benefits of a photo book. While the craze is sweeping in like a storm, people who are using photo books to capture their precious moments are finding it more pleasurable to make a photo book. Why so you ask? A photo book enables you to bring your personality into your album. Despite being unable to flexibly arrange the pictures at anytime you wish, a photo book is still able to give you the same pleasure by using a well-equipped photo book designing software. For those still in a dilemma, let’s compare both avenues.

The biggest and most exciting advantage would be the ability to personally design your photo book. Like fingerprints, no photo books designed by different people will ever look the same! Interesting? Yet true. With the amount of themes, templates, image editing softwares available, the control that you have is unquestionable. The photo book can be created in accordance to your style from top to bottom, be it colour, text, size, arrangement of images etc. When you are done, you can give yourself a pat on the back, because you just became an author! Photo albums on the contrary, are limited to their designs, and there is no way for you to personalize them unless you are prepared to fork out a bomb.

Photo books generally go through high-end printing. With various high quality acid-free papers available, you need not worry your photos may get stuck onto the pages, having finger smudges all over them or even the color degradation of the images. It gets frustrating to see precious memories being damaged over time through the force of nature. Rest assured, a photo book can solve all that.

A photo book makes a perfect coffee table book. As images are printed on the pages exactly like books, they are more compact and are definitely less bulky as compared to the photo album. You need not worry about not having enough cabinet space for your photo book, because they can be kept just like ordinary books in the shelf! The strong bindings will ensure that your photo book last a lifetime.

We now move to cost. Why is a photo book more cost efficient than a photo album? Comparatively speaking, highly personalized and quality albums are just downright expensive. Unless employing a personal designer, not everyone can make their own photo album. Furthermore, scrapbooking supplies are not cheap, in order to seal your pictures firmly in an album, you will have to find top notch supplies. Come to think of it, the whole point of making a photo album is to make it as similar to a book as possible, so why not just make a photo book instead?

In the United States, Americans have already found out that photo book is indeed the way to go. Fun to make, fun to view, you should give it a try.